Our Weather

San Francisco's weather can change in an instant, literally!

Surrounded almost completely by the Pacific Ocean and  our beautiful bay, San Francisco's weather is also one of the hardest to forecast as we live in tiny little, micro-climates. Traveling from each neighborhood can change as much as 20 degrees within minutes in the same day!  That is why layering is going to be your key to comfort and style.

What not to wear and what to pack

So, it’s all about layers.  Even in the Summer months of  July or August  you should still carry a light jacket, sweater or wrap. You will be glad you did when our heavy fog starts rolling in at 5:00PM and you go from a warm, balmy 72 F to a rather cold, wet, and windy 60F.

Overall, jeans, light sweaters, long sleeve shirts and tennis shoes make up the typical San Franciscan's wardrobe. Also ladies always bring something dressy just in case!

Judy's Tips - Taxi

Where to Hail a Taxi
It pays to be aggressive when getting the attention of a cab driver. Don’t be afraid to take a step or two out on the street (carefully) and raise your arm to hail a cab. If he is available, he will pull over to the curb for you.

Popular tourist areas like Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square have a greater concentration of cabs than do outlying areas of the city. If you can’t hail a cab on the street, try the nearest major hotel for a taxi queue.

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